Bekah, Jane Visit: All Americans

Bekah, Jane, and I literally walked a good marathon today. Two even! We covered serious ground and played all the while! First, we adventured about my neighborhoods (I've lived in three apartments here since Fall 2009) and school. I played “tour guide” and shared all the places I’ve come to love over the last year and a half. Our adventures can prehaps best be shared through pictures as we took hundreds! Really though.

 First: The School of Social Work and Columbia’s main campus where they're getting all ready for graduation!

And I always love The Thinker:

Then to Ulysses S Grant's tomb.

Please appreciate the mosaic benches outside! We LOVED these! 

…aren’t they cool!

Next stop: the gorgeous Riverside Church.

After exploring the church and basking in the immaculate decor, we ventured to the apartment from Disney’s Enchanted…thus we posed like princesses.

The guy who took our picture informed us they filmed the movie in one of the 12th floor apartments! After taking our picture he also asked where we were from. Upon discovering we were from Utah he exclaimed that some of his relatives moved to Utah a while back and converted to Mormonism within the first two months of being there. I quote, “You're conversion process is so good, you guys could convert the Pope!”

Next, to St. John’s Cathedral and apparently the largest gothic (or something) cathedral in the world.

I next took them by my two previous apartments on 110 and 93rd Streets. I also showed them just how close Bryan and I used to live to each other before getting married…literally 100 feet! After my Rachel’s Upper West Side tour, we rode the subway to Columbus Circle, then walked along the bottom of Central Park, which was gorgeous!

Although we only grazed the edge of the park today, we do plan to play more there before they leave!

Our adventuring then took us to Dylan’s Candy Bar (literally the cutest candy shop)—all the while we stopped at random shops appreciating New York’s fun and unique variety. Then Dylan’s Candy Bar. Love! One of the workers was handing out chocolate covered gram crackers and Bekah and Jane were sold! It was hysterical! I think they thought it was Christmas! And don’t worry, we each got a little sweet before leaving.

After Dylan’s Candy Bar we headed to FAO Schwartz.
Again, Christmas? Is that store not every child’s dream! We played on the piano.

Hung out with lego Jack Sparrow.

Yep there's lip contact there...and she's a germaphobe!

We designed Barbie outfits.

Oh, and please appreciate this Barbie foosball! Ha!

Let’s see…oh and we each chose our favorite stuffed animal! Bekah chose a leopard. Jane chose a lion. And I, of course, chose a bear—a polar bear. Aren’t stuffed animals the best!

We next had to ride the glass elevator in the Apple Store. While it’s only one floor, it’s quite exciting. Especially when you make blast off and crashing sound effects while riding it up and down…and up and down…more than once… Hey, people loved it! The whole elevator got into the sound effects with us!

Around 5:30 we headed down to Madison Square Park where we joined Bryan for some fantastic Shake Shack!

Burger, fries, and milkshakes! You can’t get more American than that! Oh wait…add a Yankees Game and you have the ultimate all American experience!

Oh and I thought this was funny:

Get hip hip hurray! But the player's name was Jorge! Ha!

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