Bekah, Jane Visit: 500 Miles

So remember how we walked a marathon or two yesterday...? Yeah, that was nothing. Today was truly the day of walking. We walked, and walked, and walked, and walked… and it was so much fun! First stop: Staten Island Ferry for an exquisite view of the Statue of Liberty. was rather windy too! Luckily we wore shorts under our skirts!

We then walked through Battery Park,

passed by the bull and Wall Street up to Trinity Church where we saw Alexander Hamilton’s grave.

Inside Trinity Church we even half appreciated an organ concert (we left early though due to time).

Next stop: the World Trade Center site where they are building a huge commemorative plaza and building. It’s phenomenal.

We also visited St. Paul’s across the street where we saw George Washington’s pew!

After we walked to Canal Street where we ventured through Chinatown!

Um…adventurous! We were totally chased down by a crazy saleswoman who was livid that we wouldn’t purchase anything from her! She wanted to sell us a “channel” bag and we really didn’t want it… She literally came after us for a while! It was half hysterical and half terrifying. But wholly memorable!

Then to Mulberry Street to experience Little Italy.

We of course ate gelato! Yum!

Then we walked to Washington Square Park which was busy with people reading, working out, tanning, relaxing, and performing! It was a party!

(Too bad the lady who took our picture missed the top of the monument…oh well! Ha!)

And look at all the birds this guy was feeding!

After we ventured up to Columbus Circle, bought a hot dog, and headed up to the LDS Temple where we escaped from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city for a bit. I always love going to the temple!

Following the temple we then went down to Times Square to experience Wicked—a birthday present from my sweet family! Thanks guys! It was breathtakingly PHENOMENAL!

I had goose bumps from beginning to end. Love, love, love it! 

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