A Toast

On the last day of classes, many professors brought celebratory wine and champagne for everyone. It was very kind of them. Drinks all around! …only I don’t drink alcohol due to my religious beliefs. Still, it made for a very exciting day…especially as many of my friends “pre-gamed” by visiting bars in between and before classes. "Standard" last day—get drunk before class—stuff. Ha.

Well, in honor of classes ending, my good friend, Alycia, and I went out for our own "drinks"... ok we went out for a celebratory breakfast. Alycia was one of my first friends in New York. We both moved here the same week. I came to study Social Work, and she came to study Art. I've been so fortunate to have her as a friend! We've had so many fun adventures (and will have so many more)! And still, it feels just yesterday we started exploring NY together!

General Conference Waffle Party

Midnight Twilight New Moon Showing


NY Tennis Party

Winter Luau
Now, we’re both graduating! [gasp] Thus today, we toasted to [almost] finishing graduate school!

It doesn’t get better than virgin orange juice shots! Epecially with Alycia! Love her!

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