Pet Names

Last night I came home to find this right inside our front door:

Note: there was a dog treat on top of the word “PET”, $5 on the word “BET”, and an apple on the word “APPLE”!

Tell me that’s not hysterically sweet! And love the rhyming. Seriously, it made my day! I love surprises! [sigh] He loves me! Thank ya! To be honest, I think he deserves the poster for making it through my finals. He's been a trooper: muddy buddy runs, diet coke, making dinners, supporting me during all nighters, and being patient with my lack of sleep (aka sleep deprived mood)... I have the world's best husband.  It's official. 

Ps: Let me explain the background of Bryan’s above use of “Infant”. I take issue with pet names. They make me queasy. My name is Rachel. Not pumpkin. Not muffin. Not princess. And certainly not baby… It’s Rachel. Call me “pumpkin”, I’ll call you “gourd”. Call me “muffin”, I’ll call you “bacon”. Call me “princess”, I’ll call you “servant” or “squire”. And “Baby”! Really? What are you my parent?

...I was once called “baby” at the end of a date to which I somewhat sarcastically responded, “Yes, infant?” Let’s just say the relationship ended there. The name is Rachel. Anyway, Bryan finds that story hysterically funny. Ere go, he at times tries to call me “infant”…haha. Love him!

Right…it’s true though! I am done with classes! And I am done with finals! Now all that stands in my way of graduating is completing my capstone project which is due May 6! Yay! After a weekend of all nighters, 42 11-font typed pages, and lots of chocolate I see the light (as does huband)!

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