Mood Eating

I am the ultimate mood eater! I eat in EVERY mood! Seriously. Happy. Sad. Stressed. Elated. Angry… I eat. I just love food.

Last night I was working on a final paper when I had a craving for Muddy Buddies. Or as Bryan calls them “Rachel’s Moody Booties” aka I eat them when I’m stressed. The time, however, was late o'clock and all the grocery stores nearest our lil apartment were closed. Thus: a quest.

Bryan humored my craving by joining me on an adventure via public transportation to a 24-hour grocery store lower down on the island. I just love late night craving runs! And what a success! West Side Marketplace: my old grocery store! They even had Nutella!

Side note: During our journey we also purchased a lil bouncy ball with a strobe light! So entertaining! Sometimes we think we’re two. I don’t know… But oh it was a blast! (Note: Who knows what is on that bouncy ball now that we bounced it on the streets of NY! Dirt? Feces? Plague? Spit? Disease? Animal? …love the concrete jungle!)

Anyway, we returned to the apartment after our 40 minute escapade, and quickly whipped up the perfect batch of Muddy Buddies!

...naturally gluten free!

Muddy Buddies with Nutella
Pour 4 to 5-ish cups of Rice Chex in a large plastic bag
Warm 1 cup peanut butter in the microwave
Warm 13oz jar of Nutella in the microwave for 30 seconds (careful not to burn it…) and add to peanut butter
Mix peanut butter and Nutella
Pour Nutella and peanut butter mixture into the bag. Close. Toss around until all Chex are covered.
Finally, add powdered sugar to satisfaction. Close. Toss around until all are covered.
Eat. Enjoy. And forget how many calories you are consuming.

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