Game Night

At our house, well apartment, ok... home, every Sunday we have a game night (complete with treats)! We’re talking anything from cards, Uno, Slamwhich (yes you read that right), chess, checkers, Sets, Sorry, or Operation, to Battleship, Wii (old school Mario anyone?), and more…

As of late, our Sunday night game of choice has been one of my childhood favorites: UpWords. What is this fantastic game? you’re probably asking yourself. (And if you’re not asking, then you should because it’s marvelous.) In short, UpWords is 3-D Scrabble! I repeat 3-D Scrabble! As in you stack letters on top of each other! Brilliant right?!

You see, UpWords and I have been friends for years! Growing up I played this game often—with my immediate family, cousins, grandparents, and friends! I played it at home, on family trips, at the cabin, and even at Lake Powell! Note: My Grandpa still holds the UpWords Title.

Anyway, when Bryan gave me UpWords for Valentine’s Day I was beyond elated… I even squealed (we're talking borderline embarassing)!

Since then, UpWords has become a regular at the Perry household Sunday Game Nights. Love it! Perhaps with enough practice we will even [lovingly] beat Grandpa…. dun… dun… dun

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