Fridays are fantastically fabulous (Check out the alliteration!). You see, Fridays I have neither school nor internship! That’s right! Nothing! Ok, not nothing. I usually spend Fridays studying and catching up on life…  And though I am entering finals, this Friday I took a day. I took a day for me. Call it a mental health day if you will. I loved it! First, I went to The Barking Dog with a friend from Utah.

I repeat: The Barking Dog!

Who names a restaurant The Barking Dog? Very... catchy? Ha. I loved it! And rather tasty too! Not to mention, the superlative company. Always good to get together with someone who shares my Utah roots. Not to mention, this sweet gal Lizzie and I share a love for Social Work! Loved chatting with her about the relationship of Social Work and our mutual faith. Very few at my school share in my beliefs, thus the conversation was beyond invigorating. Funny enough: in a perfect world we wouldn’t need Social Workers…

After The Barking Dog, I went and explored Madison Square Park.

This squirrel posed:


And LOVE Shake Shack:

...I'd already eaten.  Next time right?

Then I checked out my favorite Barnes and Noble:

I still love and will always love hand held books! The scent! The feel! Oh how I love books! I love the experience of holding books and being able to flip through their tangible pages. Call me old fashioned, but I still dream of having a non-digital library.

Finally, I walked around Union Square’s infamous farmer’s market:

...people are SO talented!

Goodness I LOVE this weather! I love that the city has come back to life! Spring truly represents newness and birth; especially here! New York City literally hibernates in the dead cold of winter. But now... life and energy abound! I love LOVE the spring!

Following my delightful adventuring, the Hubby joined me for some delicious food at my favorite: Max Brener Chocolate by the Bald Man. Tragically, the camera died by the time he joined me. The lack of pictures is nothing against him. Ha. We had a marvelous time though! Anything inspired by Willy Wonka is brilliant! A grand day indeed.

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