Easter Traditions

Easter is hands down my FAVORITE holiday (we’re talking even more than Christmas)! And no it’s not because of the Easter Bunny (creeper)…but because of the REAL meaning of Easter. Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, lives! I am so grateful for the gospel. I am so grateful for the atonement. And I am so grateful for the resurrection. What a beautiful holiday: to remember the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

In lieu of Easter, naturally we have traditions:

Sugar Eggs
This is a legendary tradition at the Price household! Naturally, the legend had to live on!  The process:

And the results:

Ha!  Check out the alien-like lil chick I made out of gum drops, etc! Haha!

Pease note the "guards", aka gummy bears, Bryan stationed to protect the lil chick inside:

Oh yes, and Bryan made his a football sugar egg:

Easter Egg Hunt:
We’ve decided the one good thing about the Easter Bunny—in spite of his stealing chicken’s eggs and hopping around half naked—is that he brings us eggs to help remind us of the Savior. The Easter Bunny—ahem I ahem—hid Bryan’s...and the Easter Bunny—ahem Bryan ahem—hid mine:

Easter Morning Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls!

And a Jerusalem Dinner:
Rather than having ourselves a large ham or United States-like feast, we decided to have ourselves a “Jerusalem” meal in order to help us reflect upon Jesus Christ.

Bryan and I both studied abroad in the Holy Land, so together we brainstormed a list of what we felt would be a Jesus-like “Jerusalem” dinner. First, can anyone guess what the three main crops in the Holy Land are? Wheat, rye, and barley AKA GLUTEN! Second, Bryan dislikes fish, so that was definitely out. I don’t like lamb or olives, so those were out too. And I couldn’t find honeycomb (other than the cereal) anywhere…We did, however, have flat bread, hummus, grape juice, grapes, cheese…(we ran out of time to make falafel). And of course, we dressed up, and ate by candlelight (closest thing we had to oil lamps) on the floor.

It was a wonderful commemorative meal. And a wonderful tradition. Happy Easter!

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