Chocolate Connoisseur

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my deep love for chocolate! I do! I really love chocolate! Eating chocolate is one of my hobbies! It is one of my greatest talents! I’m an advanced chocolate devourer. A chocolate connoisseur if you will…

Now. After years of chocolate eating experience, I have a rather weighty claim to make: Dove Milk Chocolates are by far my favorite!

[Gasp] I know, I know! But it’s true. I love ‘em! Not only do they provide me with that rich and creamy chocolaty flavor, but they also offer such encouragement and wisdom on their wrappers! Just today I ate a chocolate accompanied with the words, “You’re Gorgeous!” How did it know? I felt so loved I nearly blushed! And I always seem to eat a Dove that says “You can do anything you put your mind to” right before a paper is due. Thanks to Dove, I know that’s true.  Or how about this one:

...I think I will!  Still, my favorite Dove wrapper message is always “You deserve another chocolate!” Spot on! Spot on! I mean, you just can’t disagree with Dove! [Sigh] Tasty and wise! I love me some Dove Milk Chocolate!

Please note, I gladly welcome any and all Dove Milk Chocolate donations.  Ha.  I'm 1/2 kidding.

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