More Holiness Give Me

It seems a number of my recent posts have strictly been about my dear husband. Consider it evidence that I love the man! Anyway, another story about him…

Once upon a time (meaning last weekend) Bryan and I watched General Conference during which the hymn More Holiness Give Me was sung. It seems Bryan was so inspired by this song that he quite literally took the words to heart by going to work with a colossal hole in his suit pants. We’re talking a good eight inches!

Funny enough, Bryan didn’t notice his "holiness" it humility. Thus, he rode the subway. He walked around some. He even tutored at a school. Then he walked around some more… Finally, a kind passerby had the decency to mention to Bryan that he had this considerable hole in the rump of his pants just as he was walking into work! This is the picture Bryan snapped of his own backside in order to evaluate the damage following the stranger’s tip.

Nice bum Bry!  Ha!  Note: this is a conservative view of the hole!

Seeing as Bryan didn’t have the time to run home and change, he attempted to safety pin up this “holiness”.  It...kinda...worked...

Alas, his dear boss took pity on him and insisted he go home and work remotely for the remainder of the day.  Haha!  Way to be "holy" husband!

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