General Conference Tradition

This was a big weekend for Bryan and me. HUGE even!  Why? Well, it was our first General Conference being married! Like I said, huge! Now, I don’t know about you, but growing up Bryan and I both had what we considered to be General Conference Traditions—anything from family gatherings and special meals, to conference bingo, picnics, and walks. Seeing as we both LOVED such traditions in our youth, we knew we had to inaugurate our very own General Conference Tradition (…and no it is not flooding the bathroom as discussed here)!

[Drum roll please] Crêpes! (Please roll the “r” for dramatic effect.)

I love crêpes! LOVE them! Funny enough, I haven’t eaten a crêpe in years! Not since long before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (meaning no wheat, rye, or barley).

Our first thought in brainstorming traditions, was to make waffles on General Conference Sundays. Seeing as we eat waffles regularly, however, we opted to try something different. We wanted our General Conference Tradition to be unique from other days. Thus, the crêpes!

Neither of us had ever made crêpes before! It was brilliant! And SO fun! Really though, making crêpes is actually quite entertaining! We may have gotten a bit carried away…we even tried to flip a few in the air! We ruined some. But most turned out excellently!

Fillings: nutella, strawberries, bananas, cream, topped with whipped cream! Divine!

As I'm sure you noted these were not the most "French" looking crêpes, but very Perry looking crêpes... meaning creative and...unique... A most excellent General Conference Tradition I dare say.

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