Jane Eyre

While the men were at the General Conference priesthood session last night, a collection of girls from my church and I went out for a lovely ladies night. First stop: Cosis. A fantastic little restaurant with the most delectable salads, soups, and sandwiches.

Following our scrumptious dining and delightful conversation, we strolled down to see the newly released, Jane Eyre. My thoughts: it’s been years since I read the book. Still, I don’t remember it being so…suspenseful. I confess that I jumped and screamed on multiple occasions. In truth, I prefer the world I painted when reading the text myself. While the story I imagined had the elements of sadness, it was less creepy. The story I read ended with more hope; I didn’t leave the movie feeling very hopeful...

That being said, they did a fairly decent job. …not my favorite though. Couldn’t have asked for better company though. There are some truly phenomenal ladies here.

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