Nervous Breakdown

I think I am seriously ill, sick, under the weather, diseased, maybe even having a nervous breakdown... Why? Well, (brace yourself) yesterday I briefly—just briefly—considered running a marathon! [GASP]

I know! I know! I swear I only entertained the thought for but a minute or two. Still…it was there. I haven’t the foggiest what came over me! I DESPISE running. I LOATHE the idea of working out. Sure, I love to be active and healthy—soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, hiking, skiing, etc.—but “working out”. Yuck.

Running I equate to “working out”. And further, I consider it a punishment! I had to run when I was late to a soccer practice, or when I let a ball drop in volleyball, or...well anytime I did something wrong!

Thus, it has been one of my greatest life goals to NEVER run a marathon.

It has always been one of my favorite life goals too! It was a life goal I knew I could accomplish! Every once in a while I have the urge to go running; after five minutes of running, however, I remember why I never do. Thus, the temporary mental lapse caught me completely off guard! I am still shocked! That minute or two of entertaining the idea of not only running, but running a marathon! Why, I’m repulsed! ...I’m still recovering.

I maintain, that one of my life goals is to NEVER run a marathon! Never.

(Please note: for those of you who have run marathons or are runners—while I far from envy you—I do commend you.  Your skill and determination is truly admirable.)    

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