Mini Men in Green

Aka Happy St. Patrick’s Day from New York City! And what a charming St. Patrick’s Day too!

It really all began last night. I was washing dishes when Bryan came home. We chatted—my back to him—as I finished washing the dishes. Alas I turned to discover [GASP] miniature footprints on the floor!

I was quite bewildered. Bryan, however, had evidently encountered comparable tracks before as he immediately identified them as leprechaun! There was a leprechaun hiding in our midst! I was ecstatic! Instantly, Bryan concocted a genius plan: we would make a leprechaun trap! My husband is brilliant I tell you! Bryan acted as chief architect and in no time turned an innocent box into a booby-trap! We then decorated it in clovers and gold (greedy little buggers), a rainbow (as gold is typically found at the end), and set out some [root]beer to entice them! Muah-ha-ha-ha…

Bryan woke first on St. Patrick’s Day to discover MORE footprints!  [Root]beer gone!

He investigated: a leprechaun had definitely fallen prey to our trap! Yet somehow there was a hole… the conniving little bugger got away! Still, we basked in the acquisition of our leprechaun’s gold! I’m not ashamed of looting from creepy six inch men prancing around our apartment in tights! It was a most exhilarating morning: leprechauns and gold!

The husband then went to work. I, on the other hand, am on Spring Break! Thus I ventured downtown with my former roommate Meliss to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade! 11-5! I repeat, the parade went from 11am to 5pm! No we did not stay for all of it! But we stayed for a good portion!

As you can see, there were lots of bagpipes, drums, bands, uniforms, sweaters, green, and orange! Loved it!  And please check out what the guy on the far right is carrying.  Is that an ax I see?

Oh…and a random little kid in a spiderman outfit…

It was superb! In time we even managed a prime spot along the parade route: FRONT row on 5th Avenue just bellow 50th and right across from St. Patrick's Cathedral!

And I must say, it was magnificently fitting to be able to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral during the St. Patrick's Day festivities!

Even the husband joined us for a bit on his lunch break! Love-loved having him!

Ps: PLEASE appreciate this sign:

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of the parade, however, were the enthusiastic spectators: green, green, green, orange, orange, orange, and drunk, drunk, drunk! Oh New York City.

Following the parade we sought out an Irish Pub…after searching far too long we settled for Five Guys to enjoy some fries. Again, people were far too drunk in honor of the holiday. In fact, we witnessed quite the upset between some raging drunks who ended up getting kicked out of the little restaurant. Much more lively than a pub.

It was a stellar St. Patrick’s Day. Bryan and I ended the day with some GREEN guacamole and chips, root beer in frosty mugs, and some March Madness. Good work Jimmer and co! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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