π Day

In honor of π day (3.14), I determined to bake a pie!

Now, the last time I attempted to bake a pie I lived with my dear cousin Laura. The year was 2005. As sophomores in college, we felt it was high time we learn to make pie! And not just any pie…but a savory cherry pie with those ornate criss-cross details (aka lattice) on top.

Ok…in reality, a neighbor provoked us into making the pie by blatantly challenging our baking abilities!  (Granted, we much preferred appreciating Village Inn’s amazing pies to cooking...) Taking the bait, however, we assured him we could and would make the perfect pie!

We delicately followed every direction with precision. We read, and reread every word and line. We even sported aprons; if we looked the part were sure to succeed. It was a real beauty! Alas, we placed the masterpiece in the oven, elated to eat it in but a matter of time. During our wait, we decided to boastfully inform that neighbor boy just how fantastic we were in making this pie…and just how wrong he was!

We probably should have waited…

You see, on our way we got distracted due to intriguing conversation with some rather attractive males… We were rather fond of flirting… Time passed… Too much time…

Just then the certain neighbor boy who dared challenge our domestic aptitude passed by with his two roommates.

“Have you made a pie for me yet?” he jeered.
“For you! Ha! No. But we just made a beautiful pie for us!” I replied.
“You mean you bought it from Village Inn?"
“Absolutely not,” Laura replied. “It’s in the ove…nnnnnn. SHOOT!”
Laura and I exchanged horrified looks! It had been well over an hour! …and well over two hours!
“RUNNNNNNNN!” I shouted.

The two of us bolted back to the apartment. SMOKE! BURNING! The blasted pie was literally in flames! Literally! Being overly dramatic we started screaming, and continued to scream as we attempted to put the fire out. At last we picked up an oven mitt (still screaming), grabbed the flaming pie (still screaming), and sprinted from the apartment (still screaming)… where we may or may not have chucked the pie off the balcony into an empty parking lot...(still screaming). It was quite the performance.  And we did save the apartment… Not the pie…

Unfortunately the men we were chatting with—those we were flirting with and those who were provoking us—followed, intrigued by our abrupt and worrisome departure. I’m certain we were the best entertainment they’d ever seen. No one could stop laughing. Failure. (Note: oddly, we both got dates out of the experience…)

Anyway, as I’m sure you have gathered I wasn’t entirely certain how today's pie would turn out…Gluten Free Lemon Meringue Pie!  Thank you talented sister Sarah for the recipe!

Isn't it lovely!  And I'm elated to say the pie was marvelous!  Divine even!  The crust in particular was amazing! If anyone is seeking a good gluten free pie crust recipe I highly suggest Pamela (it's extremely easy)!

And now Why I Like Pi:
First: it’s an irrational number…and I’m an irrational person
And second: it gives me reason to eat pie!!!

Happy π Day!

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