Infinity Friends

I had the most compelling conversation with a ten-year-old today during which he informed me of the many levels of friendship one can have. I quote: “You have your kinda friends, your friends, then your best friends, and then your infinity friends.” I was most intrigued. He elaborated.

Kinda Friends:
“Kinda friends are like the people you go to class with but you don’t really care for. I mean you don’t hate them, they’re just mostly boring so you say hi and that’s it.”

“Friends are the people you sometimes play with during recess—but you don’t see them after school. Like never. Like you’re friends at school only. And sometimes you might not be friends with them—you know if they get annoying and stuff. Like it doesn’t matter really if you stay friends.”

Best Friends:
“Best friends are people you’re friends with at school and at home. You know, like people you hang out with and get pizza with on the weekend and stuff. And you know they got your back. Only sometimes you might fight, but you get over it the next day and stay friends.”

Infinity Friends:
“Infinity friends, they’re like a brother from another mother. You know. They’re like family but not really. Like the people you’re not just best friends with for one year but for your whole life. They are the people that you sometimes forget aren’t family. You don’t have to see them all the time either to know that you’re friends. They always got your back too! Like no matter what you know you can call ‘em up and they’d do anything to help you out. I got like six of them!”

Tell me that’s not the sweetest thing ever? And so true! Ha. Love my own infinity friends!

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