The Fugitive

I’m 87.2% positive there was something wild going on in my neighborHOOD last night. We’re talking The Fugitive or Bourne Identity-like even. From 11pm to 1am there were multiple police cars flying around—coming and going—with their sirens on. NOT to mention the helicopter that was searching the area. It was enthralling!  I actively peered out my window for a good hour or so… Nothing.  Such a disappointment.

Still, it’s funny how powerful the mind is. Meaning, because of my suspicion I started viewing every passerby—people, shadows, and cars—as a “suspect”. To the point that when I finally went to bed (Bryan had long before fallen asleep) I may have had to sleep with a light on. Oh brains… Ha!

It all remains quite the mystery. Dun… dun… dun…

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