Massages and Yoga

A year and a half ago I did something… dumb. Ha. Ok I totally ran into a bike rack while playing night games, fell on my face, got a concussion, bruised my body (front and back), and tore a jaw ligament. Ha. Kind of funny… now. You can see pictures/read the full story here (scroll down to the heading that says “Dentist”). Anyway, why am I bringing this up… again? Well, ever since that time I have had an achy back. Immediately following my “accident” I primarily focused on my face/jaw by eating a liquid diet for two months, not singing, and the likes… Basically what I’m saying is I ignored my back thinking the pain would subside with time. It didn’t. Thus, yesterday I alas went in to have my back looked at.

“Relax,” the doctor said as she started to examine my back. “No don’t tense. Relax.”
“I am relaxing,” I replied.
“Holy [something I should not repeat]! You have the tightest back I’ve ever felt.  That's got to hurt!"
Isn't validation the greatest?  Ha. 

So apparently when I tripped, I pulled… or hurt... or something... some back muscles pretty bad to the point that my other muscles tightened in order to compensate [at least that’s how I interpreted her medical jargon]. As a result, those “babied” muscles have grown weaker and weaker and weaker… leaving me with an uncomfortably tight back—so tight, in fact, that my back frequently gives me headaches and at times affects my ability to sleep. Haha. Oh joy.

Treatment: The doctor told me to get therapeutic massages. Not one… but a few. Seriously? Massages? I feel awkward. And before resorting to physical therapy she suggests I take up Yoga! Yoga? Who gets prescribed to do yoga? I’m terrible at yoga. I’m a soccer ball kicking, volleyball hitting, Tae Bo loving (love instructor Billy), high intensity kinda gal.  And the doctor wasn't even an herbalist...

Sigh.  Ok I confess I did (and loved doing) yoga while living in Ecuador in 2005.  But the aura of doing yoga on a balcony high in the Andes—mist and greenery everywhere—seemed so fitting.

This is going to be comical. Wish me luck.

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