President’s Day

In honor of President’s day I spent the entire morning working on a group project… ok that wasn’t so much in honor of President’s day. Following my morning meeting, however, Bryan and I decided to adventure. First stop: the MET. After all, we had to commemorate a few of the day’s celebrities… George… Abe… etc...

While at the MET we also dropped by the amazing guitar exhibit. Phenomenal! The meticulous making of these instruments is literally an art! Photography was prohibited, so I can only encourage you to appreciate these masterpieces yourself.

Oh and please appreciate this strange…dude… we happened upon while walking by Egypt:

Spontaneous photo shoot:

NY Street art?:

Next we played around New York’s Dylan’s Candy Bar.

LOVE this shop!
It’s like Willy Wonka’s! Talk about sensory overload! Candy everywhere!  EVERYWHERE!

I do have to say, however, I was sad to see they already had Easter Bunny Candy and dolls. Give me Easter candy… But none of that rabbit stuff! What I mean by that is… Well Easter is my absolute favorite holiday! For religious reasons… But the Easter Bunny? What is that about?! Talk about the ultimate creeper! A massive rabbit that gives out OTHERS’ children. Honestly—why doesn’t he hand out his own babies instead of steeling chickens’ eggs? Seems cruel really. Not to mention that he is typically seen wearing solely a bow tie, shirt, or vest: obviously he gets the concept of clothes so I’m not sure why he chooses to go pant-less. Not cool. Not cool. Ugh—and bunnies. Are they not the most eerie creatures?  With their big eyes and scrunched wiggling noses… Oh and their silence! It's unnatural.  Bunnies are like the suspense in a horror movie! Not my favorite. Perhaps I’ll raise my own children to believe in the Easter Camel or Tiger or… Unicorn.

Tell me that's not creepy!

Last, we hit up an amazing pizzeria for some fantastic gluten free pizza! Love!

A stellar day I dare say. Thank you Presidents! And thank you Bryan!

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