My Muddy Buddies Buddy

Yesterday marked the end of New York’s Fashion Week. And for my amazing friend and former roommate Melissa—a personal assistant for a big wig in the fashion industry—this is huge! For her, Fashion Week is an absolute whirlwind of extreme fun and serious stress. Thus to celebrate her hard work, Melissa and I decided to veg.  All day.  With Muddy Buddies. Meaning we sat on her couches from 10:30 am to 3 pm eating Muddy Buddies and having some good old girl bonding time. SO fun!

Sitting there brought back a million fun memories of the countless times we sat chatting on those couches eating our beloved Muddy Buddies…or sushi…or shrimp…or brownies… painting our nails… doing face masks… watching chick flicks… literally at any hour of the day and/or night.

Living with her was such a party! Twenty-four or not, we loved slumber parties on the hide-a-bed, movie nights, crying at happy endings, The Bachelor parties, midnight grocery runs, sharing clothes, spontaneous dance parties, fashion shows, playing match maker (and somehow always failing), having cookie dough wars with the neighbor boys who lived one building away, singing at the top of our lungs, karaoke, freaking out about boys, exploring Manhattan, hating laundry to the point that we would wash our clothing in the sink in order to avoid the Laundromat, chatting, laughing, and seriously just loving life… Basically I just have to say that I love that girl! She’s totally a rock star! 

                     Halloween 2009                                               MET Winter 2010

Isn't she a doll!  Melissa and Muddy Buddies—made with Rice Chex, Nutella, and powdered sugar! Recipe here! Talk about one fantastic day!

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