Metropolitan Winter Camping

I’ve been craving a camping adventure for quite some time now…which is a rather difficult plight in the bitter months of winter, in the middle of New York City, and amidst the wonderfully hectic pursuit of an education. Despite apparent obstacles, however, the husband had a vision in which he discovered the perfect campsite for a weekend of the most exquisite winter camping!

Before we left we got the traditional camping food: chips, fruit snacks (Batman shaped of course), drinks, and hotdogs (which we prepared after the fashion of my Grandpa Dean’s scrumtiously classy hotdogs: with tomato, cheese, and pepper).

Then upon arriving at the site we set up our tent, unpacked our sleeping bags, flashlights (as that was the only light available *cough cough* allowed), and piled everything inside. It was fantastic! Talk about one HUGE tent!

It was a party: we played cards, read, and watched movies (Did you notice the campsite even had a TV?! Run by a generator no doubt…)

Not to mention the wireless internet so I could do my homework.

We even made s’mores…only we got all fancy and attempted to make gluten free s’more poptarts from scratch! Definitely a first! They even turned out tasting quite divine.

Best winter camping ever!

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