Auntie x3

So have I mentioned that I’m officially an aunt x THREE. Two months ago I wasn’t an aunt. A month ago I became an aunt to two of the most adorable girls (via marriage) and as of Monday February 7 I became the aunt to three!!!  And though I am still new to the whole aunt thing, I have taken note from friends that my role is to brag.  Brag I can do.

My amazing sister from another mister had a lil girl: Brielle! She is adorable. Truly adorable!  And as we all know I don’t really use that word in conjunction with newborns—aka pink blubbery blobs of squished flesh—lightly. In theory babies are all adorable, but in reality, truly beautiful babies are a rare commodity. Most of them seriously look like aliens! This baby girl, however, is a doll! She looks like a little angel, and is an angel!  Love her!  Love her mama!

Welcome to the world beautiful girl! You have one stellar mom! And congrats Annie! Love you both

Loves.  Auntie Rach

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