Apparently I look like a villain...

At my internship I work with 7th grade boys in an after school group. They are great! Seriously! They make some of the best comments I’ve ever heard!  For example, today we were sitting around a table when three of them started whispering and noticeably began to stare and point at me.  I was intrigued.

“You think?” One of them asked the other.
“I don’t know…she might be,” the other responded. I was amused.
“What are y’all talking about over there?” I inquired. They paused, nonverbally agreed to relay their conversation to me (one of those eye conversations), then they turned back ready to chat.
“Have you ever been in a movie?” The closest to me asked.
“Many,” I replied.
“No really,” another said back.
“Why?” I asked. Again they nonverbally communicated with each other.
“Well…we think you look like you should be a villain in an action movie!” I internally died of laughter! A villain in a movie? And an action movie no less! What does that mean? I calmly continued, masking my amusement.
“Yeah? What does that mean?” I asked.
“You just look like you should be a villain in an action movie." They insisted.  "Like you could you know—kick some trash and stuff.”
“Do I look…evil?”  I provoked.
“NO NO!!!”
“Mean?” I was internally chuckling.
“NO NO!!!”
“Then…?” I continued.
“Ok ok—you look like the bad chick in GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra. You know who we’re talking about?”
I didn’t so they explained further…

Her?!  Yes her.  Ha!  Boys…I have to say that I do not agree. Hahaha!

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