My Innocent Heels

The other day I woke to see the sun shining between the blinds of our apartment. I was elated. My thought process: Sun! Warmth! Heels! A very logical—though I admit perhaps unique—thought process. You see it has been quite some time since I have been able to sport anything but boots due to the snow and cold; and as much as I love boots I have been craving something else. Unfortunately my thought process proved faulty. I soon discovered upon exiting my building something a little different: Sun! Warmth! Melting! Slushy, icey puddles! Wet and cold feet! Ruined heels!

I would have changed, only I hadn’t the time. That and I confess I thought I could outsmart the puddles. I completely deserved the stares, the laughs, and the comments. Most comical! A wonderful adventure, I dare say. Back to my New York City.

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