Year of the Rabbit

I adore holidays! Thus in honor of the Chinese New Year, the hubby and I had ourselves a party!

First, we dressed in red—a color often worn by the Chinese to ward off evil spirits at the commencement of a New Year (according to Wikipedia—ha).

Next, we established an oriental aura with some fantastic Chinese music.

And thanks to one of Pandora’s many Chinese radio stations, we discovered this hysterical song:

For dinner, we made mandarin chicken with rice. Divine (thank you

(Please notice the lovely decorations: red scarfs, bamboo, feel the aura don't you!)

And we of course ate with chopsticks.

Next, we felt it only appropriate to read Confucius sayings and Chinese Proverbs. Tragically—but really comically—we lacked the intellectual capacity to comprehend the true beauty of these deep and assumedly wise aphorisms.

The festivities also included writing fortunes for each other. Bryan felt rather witty when he gave me a fortune that read “Your womb will be full with child”. He has clearly not yet mastered skills enough to accurately bestow fortunes.

For dessert we made pudding (not necessarily traditional Chinese pudding, but it was what we had) with whipped cream (I’m sure that’s Chinese in some way. After all it is dairy…they have cows don’t they?). And, we may or may not have gotten in a whipped cream fight...

Finally, we concluded the festivities with a screening of the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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