Home Sweet Studio

I have a rather extensive (and random) life goals list that has long included: Live in a studio apartment!  Thus when Bryan and I (but mostly Bryan) started looking for an apartment I kept lovingly pushing for a studio (as opposed to a one bedroom).  I just can’t imagine we’d want to live in a studio once we have our minimum of seventeen children (that’s a joke people).  But seriously, is now not the best time for us to live in a studio?  Thus we reside in a studio!  Hallelujah!  We LOVE it!  And now we welcome you to our adorable studio home. 

...remember how we got the couch, chair, ottoman, rug, and corner lamp for free!

(That's the bookshelf that fell...for details click here.)

Please note that our "kitchen table" is in fact my old desk! 

The Kitchen:

Looking back at the door:

And the Bathroom:

Please appreciate the shelves Bryan put in:

And that is our home!  I hope my many many pictures have provided you with diverse enough angles to help you truly feel present. Love LOVE New York City!

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