Attack of the Bookshelf

The funniest thing happened the other day, well technically the other night.  You see, Bryan and I have this bookshelf…  And on this bookshelf, I strategically and most tastefully arranged many books, lovely pictures, statues, etc.  While I thought I had successfully secured it to the wall, I discovered at 2am the other night how not secure it was. 
Bryan was asleep; I was studying.  Being so late I thought it was my lack of sleep that was making the room move.  I watched the bookshelf rock back and forth; I must be really tired, I thought.  I didn’t even flinch.  Then suddenly a light bulb went off and I leaped to my feet to try to catch the bookshelf from crashing to the floor! 
...I caught the bookshelf.  Only everything on the bookshelf crashed to the floor.  I have never seen Bryan move so fast!  Hahaha!  Too funny.  We only had a few casualties.  We have definitely secured it since.  And by that I mean…Bryan secured it this time.

Now seeing as I’m my Dad’s lil girl it seems only appropriate to make a moral, or identify a spiritual meaning from this happening. (He is the master of finding morals and drawing spiritual lessons from everything—EVERYTHING. It’s really a great quality. And SO my dad.) So now from Rachel Chapter 4 Verse 3 influenced by the book of Dad, let it be learned from the crashing bookshelf and broken statues that we must always set our eyes on the things of Heaven, for things of the world are fickle and fragile. Instead, we should treasure those things which are everlasting: God, family, etc...

(I hope you know I am laughing at this too…please don’t hesitate to find humor in this. Every time my Pops shares such a moral or lesson all of us kids chuckle. Though we really do love it!)

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