Happy Birthday Jammy...and 1 month?

Today is my other Mother's birthday (aka my mother-in-law...but that sounds so stiff and I definitely consider her much more a friend than that).  Thus I wanted to shout out:


LOVE having such a fantastic other Mother!  Thank you for being such a great friend and support!  I am one lucky gal!  Love you tons!  And…


...to the Hubby and Me!  A month!  One whole month!  I cannot believe it’s already been a month!  I have loved every second!  I maintain I have the best hubby out there!  Love him!  Love being married!  Love the adventures we have had!  Love the adventures we will yet have! 

(Ps: I wish it was tradition to eat some of our wedding cake on each month anniversary during the whole first year of marriage rather than just on the one year mark...4 pieces that night just wasn't enough.  I'm a fatty I know.)

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