It started snowing yesterday...and it kept snowing…and kept snowing...and it didn’t stop snowing…until early this morning! Thus we woke to this beautiful scene right outside our window:

And even though the snow stopped the city shut down! So not really Snowmageddon, however…No school! No internship! No work for Bryan (well—he has to work remotely)! Love LOVE Snow Days!

Flashback: I remember years ago literally getting down on my knees and praying, pleading with God for snow days—not just once, but time and time again. I used to think if I bartered with the Lord it just might work: “If you make it a snow day I’ll read my scriptures for a whole hour tomorrow!” Or, “If you make it a snow day I’ll even clean my bedroom!” I was obviously still learning the art of true communicative prayer.

Alas, my sweet mother heard me asking for such a snow day and wisely inquired, “Do you think someone else might be praying for the storm to stop?” This question puzzled me. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a snow day! Fools. She continued, “Perhaps someone who is homeless and doesn’t have a home or a warm enough coat, or someone flying in to visit their grandma after not seeing them for years…” The guilt! I felt awful! My prayers changed from then on; “If everyone is ok with it, please make tomorrow a snow day.”

It seemed a lot of people were praying for better weather... That and Utah is too hard core to be shut down by a few measly feet of snow. In fact, before New York I remember only two snow days—two beautiful snow days! I, confess, I slowly forgot just how much I love snow as a means to stop the rush of everyday life; I love the excuse to sit home, curl up in a blanket, drink some hot cocoa, read a good book, and completely forget about everything. I love snow days! It’s been years since I let go of praying for snow days, but I must confess I am forever grateful! Today makes snow day number five since living in New York! Two winters…five snow days! Fantastic! Love snow days!'s already melting!  Ha!

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