Tis the Season

Tis the season… for gingerbread house decorating! Prices are known for their annual gingerbread house decorating tradition! We make legit gingerbread houses with thick homemade gingerbread walls, lollipop and/or Jolly Rancher windows, lots of frosting, and lots of sweets!

Naturally this will be a Perry tradition too! Thus, this week Bryan was initiated into the gingerbread house decorating tradition! Bry and I co-decorated a house! Ours turned out to look like a cozy cabin! We used red licorice bites to make a shingled roof, candy canes for pillars, crushed nuts for a walkway, Hershey chocolate for our door with an m & m handle…

Our good friends—Melissa and Brad—co-decorated one too (the more the merrier)! Theirs looked like something you would see in Hansel and Gretel. They used a carefully planned and executed color scheme of oversized Smarties for their roof, a chocolate covered sunflower seeds pathway, frosting covered walls, and heart shaped candies sprinkled all over. It’s lovely!

LOVE this season!

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