NY Bridal Shower

My sweet roommates threw me a NY Bridal Shower this weekend! It was absolutely lovely! Charming really! Fantastic food, entertaining games, and superior company!

My roommate, Jess, baked the most scrumptious delicacies: gluten free chocolate brownie cookies with chocolate chips and her infamous gluten free blondies filled with heath bar; my roommate, Meliss, made (or as she would say, assembled) the most divine black-bean scoops, crackers with cheese and pear, mixed fruits, and mint water. (Melissa does a lot of party and event planning in the fashion industry, thus I’m sure you can imagine just how classy the presentation was.) Exquisitely beautiful!  As we ate, we also played three of the most creative and fun games.

First: Who Am I?
In this game, each participant had a famous couple on their back. The goal of the game was then to identify the couple on your back by asking other participants questions, such as “What era did I live?” “What is my home country?” etc. I was Queen Victoria and Albert. Others included John Smith and Pocahontas, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy…and an array of other famous couples.  Very entertaining!

Second: Rachel Price Picture Trivia.
Sweet Meliss had my mother email her some pictures of the adorable Rachel Price throughout the years. In this game, the girls each tried to guess
1-who I was in each picture
2-my age in each picture
and for a bonus, 3-where I was in each picture.
My roommate, Hayley Behrmann, most definitely won…by a long shot. Good work Hay Hay!

Third: What would the Fiancé say?
In other words, Meliss had the Fiancé answer a questionnaire asking anything from “What’s your favorite food?” to “Where did you and Rachel first meet?” or “When was yours and Rachel’s first kiss?”  My goal was then to answer with what I thought he would answer. I have to say—I definitely know him much better than the results portrayed.
First…his favorite color is definitely not vermilion! It’s green! He didn’t even know what vermilion meant!
Second…he does NOT want 34 children! And if he wants 34 he either better plan on carrying them the 9 months himself or be putting in one large order to the storks!
Third…need I say more?!
 Haha. Most comical! Bryan is always good at making people laugh.

The shower was marvelously fun! And as much as I absolutely love the Fiancé, I do love me some girl time!

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