November Review

Remember how it’s nearly DECEMBER?!
Oh geez. So much as transpired. And by that I mean…life is speeding by! Thus a November review:

My most favorite Grace Warner came for a visit! Grace and I braved first through twelfth grade together AND were ward sisters! SO fun! Let’s see, we took on the Harry Potter MDNIGHT showing, Museum of Modern Art, Mars (a restaurant recommended to the Fiancé by a brilliant 8-year-old—we literally travelled to Mars), the Museum of Natural History, and so much more. Loved it! Love her! Please see HERE for further details.

Harry Potter 7—Part 1 (gotta have the Part 1 bit in there). [dramatic sigh] Midnight showings are always SUCH a treat! You meet some of the most awkwardly awesome people! The people directly in front of me were so well versed in Harry Potter talk that they even had Harry Potter slang. For example: “In the Priz…” (Prizoner of Azkaban), “In Gob..” (Goblet of Fire), and naturally they didn’t refer to Harry Potter as anything but “Hare”. Yeah—they were legit! I LOVE IT! Passionate people are my FAVORITE! I, myself, had a scar, glasses, wand, and scarf. I was most proud of the Fiancé though: Bryan arrived as Hagrid! Trench coat and beard! Everyone loved him so much that when he entered the enormous IMAX theater EVERYONE applauded and cheered “Hagrid”! Brilliant!

Righto—internship: Wonderful, challenging, and eventful. I have wonderful clients, a wonderful supervisor, and wonderful coworkers. What more could anyone ask for? Oh yes. Remember how I run an Art Group? Well, I’m a little more abstract in my artistic abilities; therefore, last week I had the participants do [drum roll please] CUPCAKE ART! What is this—you’re probably asking yourself! Good question! Let me explain: first I made mini-mini cupcakes. Then I gave each child five (they equate to the size of one large cupcake) with the directions: make a picture using all of them together out of colored frosting, sprinkles, etc. Fantastic! They did such a superb job! And seemed to enjoy themselves too! At the end they shared their pictures with the group. I was extremely impressed with their creativity!

Utah! Bryan and I decided to go home for Thanksgiving! A trip I was most grateful for! It was marvelous being home: family, fun, and food! Loved it!

Bry and I first went to my ZoBell grandparent’s for a marvelous Thanksgiving feast with the extended fam! Surrounding the meal, my wonderful cousin Becky set up a photo booth with some fun props, and then we had a family film festival complete with many ridiculous family shorts. Too fun! After the ZoBell’s, Bryan and I joined his lovely family for some delicious desserts and games! Who knew there were so many variations of charades!

Friday was an adventure full of play, the movie Tangled (great film), and games!

Saturday was very much the same! Loved it all! Love Utah! Love the fam! Definitely wasn’t ready to leave…


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