One Year Older and Wiser Too!

HAPPY... HALF BIRTHDAY TO ME! Muahahaha (evil laughing)!

who is [drum roll please]…........


And as many of you know he is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Uruguay.

In honor of his birthday I sent him a most lovely birthday letter this week that I had so much fun writing that I absolutely insist on sharing a few snippets:

Dear Matty,

You are so old, the candles on your birthday cake raised earth’s temperature by 3 degrees.
You are so old, when you were a kid rainbows were black and white.
You are so old, you sat next to Jesus in school.
You are so old, you walked into an antique shop and they sold you.
You are so old, your birth-certificate expired.
You are so old, if you to acted your age, you'd die!
You are so old, Jurassic Park brought memories!
(compliments of google)

And some of my favorite birthday quotes:
“When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.”
-Mark Twain

“It takes a long time to become young.”
- Pablo Picasso

“We are always the same age inside.”
- Gertrude Stein

Seeing as I’ve been 20 before let me share you my 20 best pieces of advice for your 20th year! (These are not from google.)

1. Eat chocolate often.
2. Take the time to learn. We have the opportunity to learn from every experience and every moment, but all too often we forget to.
3. Always wake up with a smile.
4. Notice the beauties in the world: they’re God’s creations. He’s a masterful artist if you ask me. Sadly, art is not my forte and even as a perfected human I doubt I ever will be—my worlds will be very…abstract… or contemporary if you will. My world will resemble a white canvas with a blue dot in the center.
5. Be a gentleman…always put the toilet seat lid down.
6. Take a daily vitamin…and when you can a probiotic
7. WRITE thank yous.
8. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” (that’s the title of a book I had to read for Social Work). But seriously. Feel the fear and do it anyway! In everything. Meaning the only way to grow is to do hard things. So feel the fear and do it anyway.
9. Floss.
10. Kill spiders. The world could do with less of those horrible creeping nasty critters.
11. Think before you speak. The key to acting rather than reacting.
12. Appreciate pain. In every story—life, movie, book—there has to be pain, trials, and hardships. In the moment of hardship it might not be desirable, but those times of pain are necessary to make a happy ending. It doesn’t make them easy—but they’re worth it.
13. Do a crazy jig spontaneously at least once a week. (Dance parties do the nerves wonders...and they’re such fun!)
14. Sing in the shower. Great acoustics, stress relief, and loads of fun.
15. Make the scriptures real! Read, and then take the time to consciously imagine. See Nephi. See the plates. See Christ and the Apostles fishing, teaching…make it real and not just a book. It is real.
16. To prevent yellow stains in your white shirts never use an antiperspirant just a deodorant. (That one is from my roommate Melissa.)
17. Tell God jokes. He already knows everything, so why not tell him a joke or two here and there? I mean, he’s our Eternal Father aka our Eternal Dad.
18. Always clean behind your ears.
19. Become comfortable with silence. More can be learned in a shared minute of silence than in an hour of needles jabbering. And allowing for silence builds relationships faster than you’d expect. (This one I also have learned in Social Work.)
20. Love and endlessly compliment your super cool older sister…Rachel! Ha! This is the ultimate key to success!

Feel wiser? Ok, so I’m still the same cheesy me…but that’s ok because cheesiness is what makes us Prices!

Right so—I hope you have a fantastic birthday! Celebrate my half birthday real hard! And may all of YOUR birthday wishes come true!

Your Super Awesome and Flawlessly Cool Sister Raquelita

Sigh.  I just love my lil bro!  What a stud!  I am the luckiest sister in the world! 
PS: It is true though--today really is also my half birthday!  Ere go, sweet Bryan made me 1/2 a cake (technically my favorite Trader Joe's gluten free brownies) and 1/2 a card!  Too thoughtful!  See why I love him!

And now back to homework...

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