To live life or to document it: Michelle, Sarah, Utah, Shower, Halloween...

Oh wow…SO MUCH has been going on. And as my Mom says “You can either live your life or you can document it.”  She's pretty much brilliant.  Still, I do my best to live and document; as of late, however, I only have had the time to live (which I find to be the better of the two). Thus the need for serious catch up.  In brief the last two weeks have consisted of bedbugs, visits, Utah, and school…

First: Bedbugs! Yes...[dun dun dun]...BEDBUGS...[scary music]!  Cursed little critters! It’s amazing that such little bugs can create such an uproar! My apartment was a war zone! An absolute war zone! While the miniscule army of blood suckers did not truly infest our apartment (in fact we only ever saw a total of three), we had to act fast. The problem: bedbugs can multiply! Therefore, we had to clean and bag the apartment, heat it, and spray it! The final report: only three were wounded in action--roommates Melissa and Jess, and my sweet sister Sarah received bites. To date we believe we are bedbug free…only time will tell.  [DUN...Dun...dun...]

Second: My dear friend Karen Hughes came in town with her family!  Love her!  And the best part is Bryan and I were able to kidnap her for an evening! Party!  Karen is one of my best friends! Or as she would say: BFFSES (Best Friends Forever Since Elementary School)! Bryan, Karen, and I took a carriage ride through Central Park during which we sang songs from Enchanted at the top of our lungs, visited my apartment, and then of course ate Pink Berry. It was such a treat having Karen in town! She’s a doll! And such a good example to me!  Love her!

Third: My lil sibs—Michelle and Sarah—came and visited me in NYC! PARTY!  We began our adventure Wednesday night with the Empire State Building! And of course a dinner of Pink Berry!

The first day they were here was a Thursday: internship day. So while I was at my internship, Michelle, Sarah, and Thirty Bear (don't ask) explored the MET, FAO, Central Park, and the Museum of Natural History.

Oh yes—and they so bravely braved one entire subway stop all by themselves! Quite the feat! I'm most proud of them!  Bryan and the girls also attempted to win the Wicked lottery, but apparently someone else needed to see it more than they as they did not win. Instead, we had a fantastic show at my favorite Stardust Diner where Michelle sang for everyone and it was “Sarah’s Birthday”.

And then we explored the M and M and Hershey’s stores.

A lovely night. Oh yes, we topped off the night with some fabulous games of Speed Scrabble, Pass the Pigs, and—a Price favorite—Slamwhich; and of course a “scary story” by our dear Bryan Perry (most comical really).

Friday was splendid as well. Late start (we love our sleep), then to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island! Fantastic! Not going to lie, it was quite frigid (it reminded us of the last time we went to the Statue of Liberty--the frigid Christmas of 2005).  Still, we had a most jolly time. And naturally we ran into a hot cocoa stand with warm pretzels to warm us.

Then to Ellis Island...

We even found Thirty Bear's Ancestor!

Oh yes, and please appreciate the creeper in the back of our picture:

Then, to Ground Zero where they are building a memorial
and Trinity Church—we felt like we were in National Treasure.

Then, to dear Max Brener where we met up with Bryan for my most favorite hot cocoa! Yum! Straight cream and melted chocolate—so worth the hundreds (if not thousands) of calories!  And served in a Hug Mug...aka a cute handleless mug that warms your hands and your tum tum!  Brilliant!

The four of us then continued to Times Square.
1st stop: Sephora, a makeup store where we three girls gave ourselves hideously fantastic makeovers!

2nd stop: the Toys R Russ indoor Ferris Wheel!  

We most definitely screamed the entire time in our ridiculous makeup!
People had to have been jelous

...I mean we looked so stellar! Ha!

Next, our sweet parents treated us with tickets to Mary Poppins on Broadway!

Wonderful musical!

Side note: I must insist that you watch Scary Mary on youtube!
It’s hysterical!
Mary Poppins: fairytale or creeper…?

Saturday was a most fantastic day! First: a temple visit.

It was wonderful going to the Manhattan LDS Temple with Sarah, Michelle, and Bryan.
They are all such spiritual giants and wonderful examples to me. I love em all! A lot!

After: our post temple tradition of Pink Berry! We then spent the afternoon exploring the Upper West Side—my dear home. First, we gave the girls a tour of Bryan's apartment.  They quite enjoyed the fire escape.

Next stop: St. John’s Cathedral.

We were so lucky too: we arrived minutes before a wedding was to start! Naturally we stayed...  It was amazing! AND, the best part was when the bride walked down the aisle to the Wedding March!  Fantastic! 

It was beautiful
We loved seeing the doctrinal debris that was braided through the entire ceremony.

I next gave Fiancé and the girls a Columbia campus tour.

Columbia really is quite charming.

Lastly—Riverside and my favorite spot from the movie Enchanted.

And Saturday night we had a “Real NY Living Night”. Aka, we made dinner—pizza—and simply played.

Ps: please appreciate Sarah's beautiful salad!  DIVINE!

Sunday went all to quickly.
The girls attended our Harlem Singles Ward, then we strolled through Central Park one last time.

It was phenomenal having them in town!
Love them!
They really should just come back

Fourth: Utah! Bryan and I were able to go visit Utah this weekend to finish up the last of the wedding planning. Though we were only there for two and a half days, we crammed loads in: dress fittings, hair, wonderful showers, more dress fittings, and family time!

My amazing In-Laws threw us a charming Couples Shower Friday night! It was so fun meeting all of the people who have helped raise Bryan. There were some great stories complemented with scrumptious food.

Look at how cute my future niece is!  She let me hold her baby and wear her flower in my hair!
LOVE her!

And I love this:

Baby Perry and Baby Price are already buds!  Precious!

Then Saturday morning my dear other mothers—Cherie Maxfield, Karen Jeppson, Shelly Condie, and Julie Johnson—threw us a shower. Oh how I love the women in my neighborhood and church! They are amazing! All so supportive and so fun! I truly have been blessed with the most amazing examples; they absolutely have helped raise me. I just love them all!

The loved meeting Bryan!

And look how cute my sisters are!  So supportive, fun, and beautiful!

Saturday night Bryan and I each spent time with our families. My family had a Halloween-full night with a soup and breadstick dinner, pumpkin carving, and a movie. Too much fun!

Look at Steph's amazing Harry Potter pumpkin:

And I know you're all jealous of my mad pumpkin carving skills:

Hahahahaha!  SO great I know!

I LOVE my fam!

And now…back to school…

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