East Coast Camping

I love the city! I love the people, museums, energy, traffic, streets, buildings, honking, subways, parks…but sometimes a girl needs a break. So before the cold sets in, Bryan, my roommate Melissa, and I decided to try out some good old East Coast campin! We therefore packed up Friday eve and headed to a campground just 45 minutes away (though with the number of comical wrong turns we took it took nearly 2 hours…).

What a needed excursion though! The campground was in the most beautiful forest—trees everywhere—right next to a lake. The air smelled crisp and clean with just a hint of the warm scent of campfire. We set up the tent and stuffed it full of blankets. We considered sleeping under the stars, only we quickly learned just how treacherous that could be: the trees were full of mammoth sized acorns that didn’t simply drop to the forest floor but hurtled down with force enough to dent the earth; within the safe confines of our tent, however, we still were able to gaze up at the stars. Stars! Yes we could see stars! We played cards, read Scary Stories (which really were more just funny—I don’t like real scary stories), chatted, laughed, and of course roasted marshmallows…over a lighter. Ha. It was really quite marvelous!

The next day we slept in. It was so calming to be free of the rushed pressures of the city; it was wonderful! The day passed with such ease, and all too quickly. We relaxed next to the lake, read, Bryan played his guitar, Mellis painted her nails, appreciated the first of fall, and all just… soaked up the break from the world.  I felt unbelievably peaceful and content. The outdoors are my personal recharge; nature is undoubtedly my fastest stress relief.

We returned to the city early Saturday evening, each a little more ready to retake on life.

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