What's your favorite class?

So remember way back to the days of elementary school, junior high, and even high school—parents, grandparents, and really anyone older always wanted to know: “What’s your favorite class?” Well I think that’s the worst question ever (no offense)! There are only ever two responses: “Recess!” or “Lunch!” …then you run for it. You knew (or at least I knew) that wasn’t what they were going for, but can you imagine if heaven forbid you actually admitted that you in fact liked math, or liked science. I definitely didn’t think school was cool then! Too cool for school if you will…

There was always that terrible occasion you didn’t leave fast enough after responding with the classic “Recess!” or “Lunch”, so Mom or Dad would insist you answer Grandma or Grandpa (didn’t they realize recess and lunch are real answers?!). “English maybe…?” they’d coax. When I was in the initial phases of this stage of life I’d respond with “No” to everything. Dumb idea; that just prolonged the painful conversation. I learned quickly at this point the next answer is: “Gym”. Can’t argue with that! Too cool for school!

Well, Mom, Pops, Grandparents, and all you wonderful wiser folks: I’m excited to say I officially have a favorite class! Beyond recess and lunch and EVEN gym! GASP—I know. (Note: that could be because I no longer have recess or gym…still…)… drum roll please…ooooOOOOH Social Work With Children!

SO Fun! The first week we came into the classroom I found ALL the desks covered in toys! Each student then each had to introduce themselves through a toy—I was Batman…naturally! That class is really SO fun though! We role play, play with toys, use play dough, pop balloons, and just—learn to reach children! Perhaps it’s because I am a child—but it’s FAN-tastic! I LOVE school (and to think in my youth such a statement would have made me gag)!

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