Second-Year Internship

At long last my second-year social work internship has commenced!

The details:
Who: 8-12 clients ages 5 through 12…and on occasion their parents
What: individual therapist; art group facilitator; monthly guest speaker in 4th through 8th grade elementary school classes on topics including hygiene, grief, and many many more…
Why: Because I’m a second-year…
How: PLAY THERAPY! With a mix of theoretical models…

My thoughts…I am IN LOVE!

No but really! See, my calling and passion in social work—and in life—is helping children, and it has been, pretty much for… forever. Thus, you can imagine the shock I had last year when I found myself interning at a homeless shelter of primarily single adult men, right in the heart of New York City (Details here). Single adult men are great and all…but very very, oh so very very different from children. Still, I wouldn’t have changed the experience for anything; it pushed me, stretched me, and nearly killed me (ok not really)… and I loved it! I grew so much! How could I not grow when I met with these men in their most vulnerable states, striving to empower them with tools and confidence to find jobs, housing, and independence; or when as a 23-year-old I facilitated a 12 week group with 15 single adult men ages 28-55 where issues of stress, grief, anger, legal issues and parole, alcohol, sex offenses, death, and so much more were discussed. The experience was priceless. I learned so much about other people; I learned so much about myself. Still, at the end of the year I was ready for a chance to work with children. So here I am…workin with the little peeps again!!!

And now: my second-year placement. I’ve only been in a few times so I don't have specifics, but already the environment absolutely speaks to me: it’s positive, energetic, and optimistic. The clinical team views themselves as a family; they don’t believe in a hierarchy. The atmosphere is extremely accepting. And my supervisor: phenomenal! She's not only educated, but wise, kind, and extremely supportive. I also have a co-inter who is a doll; she has such a positive aura that it’s impossible not to want to be her friend. Other perks: it's close to my apartment (So much better than my hour commute last year! Each way!)! I get my own office—I even get to decorate the walls and make it me! AND…I’m helpin little people! Huzzah!

So wish me luck…I begin workin with the lil folks (specifically 5th graders) within the week!

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