High On A Mountain Top...

With the end of summer fast approaching I have taken to the mountains with a renewed zeal!
First: Last week Rebekah, my Gramps, and I decided we would go hiking up Big Cottonwood canyon (near my favorite Brighton Camp).  Now this experience could be considered one of two things: fail or success. Ok—it was a BLAST! It was just different than we had planned. 

The day was sunny and warm. We packed lunches and lots of water (as we knew we would be sweating a whole lot), and drove up the winding canyon. It was beautiful as we pulled up to the trailhead—cooler than the valley, but still sunny (the car read 74 degrees). We then exited the car, put on our packs, and began to ascend the mountain. Not 100 feet into our hike a large and rather dark cloud blew over the peak we were attempting to climb. Within moments: cold wind, rain, and lightning! My Grandpa turned and rhetorically asked: “Well, should we head back to the car?” Not wanting to be struck by lightning or die of hypothermia we returned to the vehicle (the temperature now read 53 degrees!) with haste. Now, I swear we checked the weather! There weren’t supposed to be any storms until late that afternoon and we were out hiking by 8am! Ha!

Laughing at our luck, we drove down Guardsman’s Pass, through Park City, and back to Salt Lake Valley where we found a sunny day waiting for us. So we again decided to hike…dun dun dun…to the Living Room (a simple hike—but 45 minutes or so). It was fantastic! My Mother was then able to join us so I’m going to have to say it was even more fun than our other hike would have been!

The Living Room! I haven’t been up there in many years! The last time I went I believe was with some of my siblings and my dear friend Rebekah Bradway. Only that time it was rather dark and somehow we managed to lose the trail making the experience a lot longer, and a lot more difficult. This time we stuck to the trail. The top is fantastic—it’s called the Living Room because people have set up rocks to look like couches and chairs that look out over the beautiful Salt Lake Valley.

We made ourselves at home at the top and ate our lovely lunch my Grandpa packed for us!

I love the mountains!

On the way down the Mother and Gramps got ahead of us due to a purposely ugly... I mean HOT... photo shoot Rebekah and I had.

And now, the photo shoot:
(which is mostly Bekah only because I had the camera most of the time...) 

First of Fall?!...

You know: as hard as Bek tried to be ugly she still looks like a babe in EVERY pic!

And Second:  My family too thought we would appreciate the mountains so we had a lovely picnic dinner up by Silver Lake (again by Brighton). As sunny and warm as it was, we somehow found a nice shady spot that was at least ten degrees colder than everywhere else and laughed at how cold we were throughout our entire meal!

It was fantastic! We then took a leisurely walk around the lake (there is a nice board walk making it perfect for a Sabbath stroll). Christina and I played photographer and took many a pictures…

We sat on a pier for a bit too appreciating the glittering water and adorable ducks.

Bottoms Up!

It was too fun: if we held our fingers out the ducks would come up and nibble at them!
Although it didn’t actually hurt, it definitely kept me on my toes!

Ok—funny story: at the lake there was a little child who joined us as we appreciated the ducks. The child’s dad was fishing so we were able to bond. Only thing is, we have yet to come to consensus about whether the child was male or female. It looked like a girl, only its father referred to the child as a boy. Quite the mystery. Bryan and I have since discussed things and have decided we will be dressing all of our babies in yellow and naming them gender neutral names just to cause confusion and awkwardness! That or we’ll dress our girls in all blue and our boys in all pink! Ha! Ok, just joking!

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