Family Shower and Marriage Advice

My sweet family threw a most lovely bridal shower for me this weekend!  It was so much fun; that and it was so nice to see everyone before I head back to school September 4!

My Aunt Elizabeth (and her daughter Amy) designed the most beautiful invitations:

The shower was then held in my Grandma Price’s charming backyard; naturally it was an absolute riot.

My Grandma also provided hats for anyone who ended up in the sun. 
Michelle, Sarah, and Sarah couldn't resist the offer:

The shower began with a fun multiple choice game my wonderful Aunt Julie put together in order to better get to know Bryan and also to learn more of our story.

My Aunt Sylvia next led us in a game of memory.

(Note: At the shower, my wonderful Grandma also set up her mini sound system so that everyone could hear as we have many female relatives. She is a gem.)

Sylvia is unbelievably crafty;
therefore she made a beautiful apron to which she pinned 20 kitchen tools.

I modeled the masterpiece as everyone studied the apron;
then I left while everyone wrote down as many of the displayed items as they could remember.

My amazing Aunt Ruth won!
She remembered 17! Impressive right?!

Following the game of memory we then had a splendid lunch of chicken salad sandwiches, fruit kabobs, veggies, and a most delicious banana slush; and a dessert of heavenly chocolates and sweet puffs.

It was all so good! I heart food!

Oh yes—as part of the shower festivities, each family offered some marriage advice (though I fear they are not word-for-word):

Have a lot of fun!
Grandma ZoBell

Laugh at yourself.
Aunt Camille and Cousin Kelsey

Remember he cannot read your mind.
Cousin-In-Law Kaylynn

Aunt Nancy

Don’t go to bed angry; stay up late and plot revenge!
(Brilliant! Ha!)
Aunt Mimi and Cousins Emily, Katie, and Sarah

When in trouble or in doubt run in circles, scream, and shout.
Cousin Megan (and Aunt Susan and Cousins Morgan and Emma)

Stick together; don’t let the kids or anyone come between you whether sitting in church or at home.
Nothing comes between Mom and Dad.
Aunt Julie and Cousins Jamie, Jodie, Anna, and Angie

If I say his faults are fine, perhaps he’ll fail to notice mine.
Grandma Price and Aunt Faye

You’re not his slave; when he’s hungry he can make his own food.
My Sister Michelle (and Sisters Liz, Bekah, Sarah, Tina, and Steph)

Haha...and leave it to my sibs to give us rubber ducks:

Have fun!
Cousin Mary and her Cute Fam (as shared by Aunt Elizabeth)

Love each other.
Aunt Elizabeth

Be understanding.
Cousin Sarah

Assume good intent. And read the Book of Mormon at least five minutes each day!
Cousin Amy

Move back to Utah!
Cousin Katie (I like it!)

Most young couples have to choose between buying something and doing something. Always choose to do something fun: you’ll have many memories and not so much clutter.
Aunt Ruth

Have one pray on even days, and the other on odd days.
Cousin Heidi

Keep staying best friends; best friends do everything together: laugh, talk, and have fun!
Aunt Tasha and Cousins Jenna and Lizzie

Being married and being happy are choices.
Aunt Sylvia

Eternity is forever, so make each day memorable.
My Lovely Mother!

Again—I just love my family! They are all fantastically wonderful! 
The entire event was lovely!

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