Happy Birthday Fiancé!

Fiancé aka Bryan came in town this weekend which was perfect as he turned 25! I repeat twenty-five! Quarter of a century!  His birthday was technically Thursday (the 19th) but as he didn’t fly in until late that evening we didn’t really do any legit celebrating until Friday. Now for celebrating: Bryan enjoys his fly fishing so we took a day trip up American Fork Canyon fishing, picnicking, and playing. My little sister, Steph, also came; it was her first time fishing! She did fantastic!

Ps: Utah is BEAUTIFUL!

My sweet sister, Liz, also planned an epic surprise party bbq for Bryan that evening; both Bryan’s and my families gathered to celebrate. Liz was so cute; she carefully took into account Bryan’s favorite colors—green and blue—and decorated accordingly with green balloons and blue crepe paper. Then she selected a manly crown for the birthday boy.  And of course "you can’t have a surprise party without a piñata", so naturally she found the most manly piñata just for Bryan!  Bryan was a great sport!

The logic:
1. It was the biggest piñata in the store and therefore the most manly.

2. “What of the pink?” I asked. “No no…there is blue and green too,” she replied, “those are his favorite colors.” Quite thoughtful really.

3. “And what about the heart shape?” I inquired. I quote “You know Rachel, he IS in love.”

Beautiful no?! She reported that it was “the best surprise party ever”!!

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