Chennai... and Home

Oh Chennai. We left Rising Star's campus early; our hearts ached to stay as we drove back through the villages and fields. For two hours we drove until we again reached the city. Chennai felt bigger after being so far away. We arrived early afternoon, and tired and worn out Bryan and I accompanied the Bennetts to another Baliwood movie (they liked our idea) as our flight back to the United States wasn’t until 8:40pm. Amy Bennett, Bryan, and I all rode in the same took took to the theater. We had a most comical time calling out the local greetings to people we passed. We were all so tired I fear we might have been a tad bit loopy; but we had fun.

The theater was again a wonderful experience; it was nice to be in an air-conditioned room. The movie was technically not a true Baliwood, but we loved it still the same—no singing and one small peck of a kiss. It was Jane Austin’s Emma—only set in India and all in Hindi (again with the exception of random English lines). It was a wonderful break.

The Bennett’s flight was earlier than ours, so following the movie we parted ways. Bryan and I then ventured to Spencers—the recommended shopping mall. It was definitely not a mall like ours; in fact, I would describe it as more of an inside market where bartering is completely acceptable. It was huge! We enjoyed wandering around for an hour or two. Then at long last we headed to the airport.

Our adventure did not end here though. No, no. Flying itself presented some thrills. For example, at the check in the man did the bobble head doll “nod” and I unconsciously mimicked it; he definitely saw it and cracked up at me. Then we had a brief layover in Mumbai, only our flight was ridiculously late. That and even though we had already gone through security and checked in for our international flight in Chennai, we AGAIN had to go through security, which took for-ev-ER! I was so nervous we were going to miss our flight; somehow we made it! Then…a 17 hour flight (that is not an exaggeration)! 22 hours of traveling to NYC (and approximately 30 hours to Utah though I stayed in NY for two days which helped).

Then low and behold we arrived in one piece with all of our bags in the United States! Customs was a breeze and we were back at Bryan’s apartment within two and a half hours of landing. By the way, Bryan then went to work! Landed at 7:00, work by 9:30! Dedicated young man I’d say!

What a phenomenal trip! I again want to express sincere gratitude to everyone who helped! Your donations were truly felt by those affected by leprosy—by those with leprosy and by the children of those with leprosy. Thank you from me; thank you from them! Thank you!

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