Alright...Who Upset Zeus?

This next bit deserved it’s very own post it was THAT amazing!!!

Driving home from Mammalapuram in the rickety bus we noticed a majestically breathtaking electrical storm on the horizon. After bouncing along dirt roads for over an hour the storm was rapidly nearing and we bolted to the roof of the volunteer compound to fully appreciate the view. As we watched, mesmerized by the fantastic view, the wind hastened in our direction; before long we were immersed in lightning. It was absolutely phenomenal! There was so much power; we were transfixed by the sight and the power. We moved from the roof to the courtyard below once our hair began to stand up; neither place was necessarily safe but the storm was too captivating and beautiful to miss.

[Note: these videos far from do the storm justice...]

We were enveloped by the storm for well over an hour—the entire time soothed by the deep rumbling of thunder. The experience took me back to a hundred different memories. It jogged memories of the good old days when my friend, Missy Johnson, and I would quickly drive to the mountains to watch every lightning storm in my car. It was always such a grounding and peaceful experience watching lightning together. Another memory that came to mind was of a time when I was living in Ecuador. A storm moved in quickly one afternoon; as the storm approached my friends and I ran upstairs to the balcony to witness its grandeur and beauty. We ooed and awed for a time. Then out of the blue a bolt of lightning came down and struck the car right across the street from us; the car alarm sounded immediately; half screaming half laughing we ran inside to watch the remainder of the storm from the sanctuary of closed doors. I love lightning. It is grounding and even therapeutic. And I love the memories it sparks; I now have another memory with lightning. Only this storm put ALL other lightning storms to shame.

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