The Bay of Bengal

Today was parents day! Once a month the children’s parents (or another family member) come and visit them. Today was that special day so as volunteers—we left. In order to give the parents time alone with their children we went to a nearby town, Mammalapuram. Isn’t that a great name? Mammalapuram. Love it.

Mammalapuram has three options: visit temples, shop, and go to the beach. Naturally we did all three. First: temples! All carved out of stone!

Preparing for marriage:

King Sterling!

It was a blast! We definitely played around lots!

There was SO much to explore!

Nasty spider encounter:
Creeper spider right?!  YUCK!

By the India we’re all celebrities with our light hair and skin. Pictures with everyone! And a constant paparazzi.

Oh...and everyone was convinced Bryan must be a famous athlete!

And a dude pic...

Cute guys!  Ha!

We have officially concluded the site of the many temples must in fact be where the Aliens practiced for Stonehenge.  You see, no one can explain how all of these mammoth sized rocks and boulders that many of the structures were carved out of ended up here. That and they cannot move them—not even with 20 elephants pulling!

This particular rock doesn’t look too impressive until you get up really close; it is actually balancing perfectly on just a small corner. It looks as though it should just roll down the hill…but no one can get it to budge. Bryan and I even tried to push it over!

The fact that we couldn’t get it to budge with our serious strength should be proof enough to all that it simply cannot be done.

The scenery was also phenomenal surrounding the temple site.

And of course there were many a cows!

PS: did you know there is even an Indian COW caste system?  Tis true!

Following our temple visit we then went shopping. It was more for the experience than to buy anything. It was so fun seeing the people at their trades. There are tailors and seamstresses, sandal makers, and so much more. It was a real treat. One of the highlights was when a number of monkeys scurried across the road right in front of us.

One of the locals noticed my delight and recommended we give the monkey the rest of our Coke. We were hesitant as we were a bit confused, but then the man helped us give our Coke to the monkey.

It was adorable! The monkey took the lid off and continued to drink the rest of it! Hahaha!

Then to the beach! The Bay of Bengal to be exact! We had a marvelous time chasing and catching (and screaming about) crabs, building sand castles/Hindu temples, and playing in the water. It truly was amazing!

I do have a confession regarding our sand Hindu temples: I officially became my Father as I came up with a moral. You see, as we were building these temples the tide began to come in. Little by little our temples began to erode. In an attempt to save them, we built a large barrier around our masterpieces. These walls did the trick. So I went on to share with everyone that like the wall, we need to protect ourselves with scripture study and prayer in order to avoid erosion from the Adversary. As the tide continued to rise I then added, but we must continually reinforce our walls with habitual study and prayer or eventually the walls will weaken and we will break down and fall. Such a Dad moment! Love you Padre!

And please appreciate the sunset on the drive home!
Does that not look very Lion Kingy?! Only in India...

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