Ultimate Daddy Daughter Date

Who: sisters Steph, Tina, Bekah, Liz, our Father, and myself
When: Friday July 9 through Saturday July 10
Where: The Tuacahan in St. George, Utah
Why: Is that even a question?!
How: Spontaneously; and with class. Always with class.

Summed up: PARTY! We left 2pm Friday (Well, technically closer to 3--we planned to leave at 2 but we're Prices.  Enough said.), picked up Bekah in Provo on the way, ate a fabulous dinner of chips and fruit, and arrived in St. George just in time to see the wonderful production of Disney's Tarzan.

And my review: Phil Collins. Singing.  Dancing.  Surrounded by red rock.  Practically flying man in loin cloth. Is there anything better?  I'm kidding--the loin cloth was a bit sketch. However, everything else--the singing, the music, the dancing, Jane, the apes (specifically Kirchek)--were FAN-tastic!


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