Let’s Talk Wedding

Now that I’ve recovered from that ridiculous surgery I thought it about time to think about my wedding. December 28, 2010. Still more than 6 months away. The plan, however, is to have the entire wedding planned before I return to NYC for school this fall. I simply can’t imagine planning a wedding from across the country while in school. I know others have done it…but I just don’t have such skills. Will I be able to? Dun dun dun…ABSOLUTELY! 
  • Temple date and time CHECK
  • Wedding dress CHECK (FIRST dress I tried on…5 minutes…I repeat FIVE minutes baby!)
  • Bridal shoes CHECK (I heart payless!)
  • Colors CHECK
  • Bridesmaid dresses CHECK (And from what I can tell they are COMPLETELY wearable post wedding!  References available upon request.)
  • Flower girl dresses CHECK
  • Reception dinner venue CHECK
  • Reception dinner itinerary CHECK
  • Photographer CHECK
  • Invitations CHECK
  • Caterer/menu CHECK (Principally gluten free...naturally.)
  • Florist CHECK
  • Cake CHECK (Again, gluten free!  AND at no extra charge!  Amazing how society has improved!)
  • Oh…Fiancé CHECK (I suppose that’s pretty important! I’m a fan!)
And I haven’t even been engaged a month! AND I was out of commission with my surgery for two weeks! This is not at all as hard as I thought it would be. All these years I dreaded planning my wedding…now I’m having so much fun doing it I don’t want the planning to end!

Thanks Mama, Pops, and Bry for all your help.  Oh...and Steph, Tin, Sar, Adam, Peek, Liz (she gives the best advice), and Matty P (his advice is phenomenal as well).  Couldn't and can't do it without you!

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