Farewell Tonsils

Ode to my Tonsils
You were quite lame
And caused me lots of pain

My voice you took
My life you shook

So you had to go
So some doc could make doe

Thus farewell dear Tonsils
Please bring on the pills

To be honest: farewell quite soon
Specifically on the eleventh of June (as in I already had them out this morning!)

Interpretation: Two years ago I completed an internship with the DREAM Project where I served as counselor for 25 of the most adorable 10-year-olds in an educational camp for underprivileged children. It was a phenomenal experience. Unfortunately while there I also came down with a most unpleasant tropical something. I call it “something” because it was just that—fever, chills, cough, sore and very swollen throat—a big unknown tropical “something” (I was never officially diagnosed).

Since that unfortunate illness I have come down with a milder “something” every month and a half to two months. Since the 2010 new year, in fact, I have been similarly ill and lost my voice four times now! I must confess with grad school and my internship, being ill was quite a nuisance. Anyway, the point is that I finally managed the courage to seek out a doctor (this is HUGE for me). It took El Doctor but five minutes to declare that my tonsils must go! June 10, 2010 (later rescheduled by him for June 11). Apparently some of the tropical “something” virus I acquired in the DR remains in my tonsils, thus taking them out will hopefully end this irritating cycle

To be honest I’m actually elated. Sure the pain, medicine, stitches, and blood is less than pleasant. But you see, I love singing. I love it. Since the DR, however, I have not been able to sing as I rarely have a voice. Perhaps once I recover from the surgery I will again be able to sing! Wish me luck!

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