Our Story: All Thanks to a Plane Crash

Once upon a time a lovely girl named Rachel moved to NYC for graduate school (that’s me!). She was having a jolly old time—going to school, seeing NYC, and meeting lots of people. One of the people she met was a handsome fellow named Bryan (though to be honest I can’t say I remember our meeting as well as he does). The two met at a birthday party in October, (Funny enough, that party is documented here.  Scroll down to the bottom under the heading "Sunday".) and though he desired to take her out on a date from the moment he met her (references available upon request) one thing after another came up and the two simply continued to be just friends.

The New Year’s theme at the Price household was: 2010—Year of the Men. It was a joke…only pretty soon Michelle, Bekah, and Rachel had boyfriends (which included a number of first kisses) and Sarah had her first date! (Whoa. I’m getting ahead of myself...rewind.)

2010. Rachel returned to the land of NYC after a marvelous Christmas break ready for fun—definitely not a boyfriend. With the new year, some new folks also moved into the ward and she and her roommates became friends with these "newbees". Well, it was soon discovered that these new friends were also good friends with Mr. Bryan. Pretty soon they were all hanging out almost every night! From 24 nights (Jack Bauer can bring anyone together), Staten Island Ferry adventures, the Bachelor, and so much more—life was a blast. Still no romantic interest. During this time, though, Bryan and Rachel became better and better friends. (Apparently, Bryan was plotting to ask her out the whole while—again references available upon request.)

Staten Island Ferry

Mid-January Rachel was chatting with her fantastic roommate who needed someone to double with. Rachel (though she NEVER asks ANYONE out) was so kind to agree to find a non-date date. Together, Rachel and her roommate brainstormed who the ideal candidate would be.

The criteria:
1. Someone Rachel didn't have romantic interest in
2. Someone who didn't have romantic interest in Rachel
3. Someone who was fun and easy going so to help the other date feel comfortable

Naturally our good friend Bryan was the winner; so we asked him to come over so we could request an odd favor. After explaining the situation, Bryan felt quite positive about the non-date date (he’ll tell you he was planning to take me to the rodeo that weekend. He held off though to see how this non-date date went). Rachel told him she would pay for him but it wasn’t a date cause she just doesn’t do that (Really though. Am I pathetic or what!). So Bryan being a gentleman turned and “solved the problem” by asking Rachel out. At first she resisted as she felt bad seeing as he was doing her the favor—but he informed the them that his mother raised him right and either way he’d be paying. For the sake of her pride, Rachel consented to let him take her on a date. So though he’ll tell you Rachel asked him out first…he does it only to jest She merely asked him for a favor. He was the one who asked her on a date! Ha.

Dun dun dun…
First date: A triple date

This is actually from our first date.  We felt it appropriate to document.  Turns out it was worth it!

SO FUN! Too fun? Up to this point Rachel had no interest in him! None. Following the date, Bryan came back and hung out for a while too—with Rachel and her roommates. During this hang out something strange happened. He sat on the couch and Rachel’s roommate came and sat next to him and draped her legs over his lap. Some might call the feeling Rachel experienced jealousy. All Rachel knows is she was shocked and confused at her reaction. To make matters worse she thought he liked that roommate sitting next to him. After all, in her mind he’d only asked her out because she and her roommate needed the favor.

The next couple of days Rachel and Bryan continued to hang out with the usual crowd. Rachel, the whole time, remained cautious. 1st: she didn’t want to date anyone. 2nd: she was quite certain he had interest in her roommate. So let’s see—somehow twice that week Rachel and Bryan ended up chatting later than the rest of the group which they both found to be quite fantastic. And then... the next Friday night, they didn’t hang out as Rachel actually had a date with another guy. Ha.

But the next day—Saturday February 13th—she had to run some things down to her roommate who was working an event. Bryan sweetly offered to escort her around the city (which was good because Rachel may or may not be directionally challenged). The two then spent the entire day together: running errands, visiting Mr. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (a NYC must), then dinner at the Galaxy Diner. It was a lovely day. Oh—and at Mr. Ripley’s Bryan was given a ring pop, which he of course gave to Rachel. So romantic right?! Ha. After that the rest was all history.

They played—and played hard. Nearly every day (with the exception of my Spring Break). They explored the city; ventured through Central Park; attended a Knicks game, the circus, Yankees games, a musical or two; won the Wicked Lottery; went to the Top of the Rock; made many a fabulous meals (well he made them mostly); built a fort; had game nights; Bryan even came with Rachel’s family on their Spring Break to D.C., and well they really just had SO much fun (and obviously are still having so much fun)!

Meeting Corbin Bleau after seeing In the Heights

Top of the Rock

Winning the Wicked Lottery with our good friend Meaghan!

Jumping Picture in D.C.!

Top of the Washington Monument!

Pointing out the Empire State Building!

So 90s! (in DC with my fam)


D.C. with the family!

Yankees Game!

It was a fabulous whirlwind of fun and craziness and love... and moodiness amidst Rachel’s studies (somehow he survived)… Come May, the two said farewell as Rachel went home to Utah for the summer. Both felt good about the decision and planned for a summer of long distance dating. Luckily, Bryan’s brother came home from his mission toward the end of May, thus Bryan planned a Salt Lake trip (before we were dating) from May 20 to June 6. The two then had tons of fun playing in Utah too! Lots of playing with their families, birthday parties, scary stories in a tent with the siblings, bbqs, fly fishing in Heber, visiting the aquarium, a Bees game (with fireworks), exploring Emigration canyon…too fun!

Fly fishin in Heber! 
Yes he did make me wear the entire costume *ahem* outfit--vest, boots, pant things, hat, glasses...
I look hot don't I?! Ha.

June 6th came much too soon. (For dramatic effect the remainder of the story will be in first person.)

During Bryan's visit, we determined that marriage sounded pretty awesome. Having only come to this decision a week or two before, however, I confess I wasn't expecting to be engaged at least until Bryan’s next trip in another month (over the 4th of July).  Apparently that was his plan too up until June 6th. Let me explain. June 6th I drove Bryan to the airport at 3pm. A few hours later I received a phone call telling me that his plane hit something on the runway and had a big hole in the nose; therefore, he would be leaving at midnight the same night instead. So I went out and picked him up to hang out for the remainder of the day. Now, as you've probably guessed some of that is true and some is... not. The bit about the minor plane crash was true and he really did change flights. The part that wasn’t true, however, was that his flight was not at midnight the same night. No no…it was changed to midnight the following night. I had no idea. My family definitely did though.

So, after hanging out with Bryan a while longer I took him back to the airport June 6th for the second time. Both times I cried mind you. Well, apparently right after I dropped him off his sister came and picked him up. (No wonder he didn’t want to chat with me until he boarded.) Very sneaky Bryan. At this point he wasn’t even sure the ring would be done. In fact, the jeweler (his family friend) came in on his day off (Monday) to finish it for him. He finished just in the brink of time.)

So Monday. Lovely Monday. My sweet sister, Sarah, wanted to go feed ducks at a park around 1:30 pm. Specifically some place called Memory Grove—“An amazing park my friend had told me about” she'd said. (Note: I have since learned there are NO ducks in Memory Grove. At least not any that I saw.) I tried to sway her to explore up Emigration Canyon with me—she was stubborn. Finally she convinced me to go (I was tired—I’d been staying up much too late with the boyfriend in town). So early afternoon Sarah and I ventured to this place called Memory Grove. We parked (she insisted on driving and wouldn’t let me even carry the keys in my bag while at the park. She'd just turned 16 and I figured she was having an independent streak.) Then we started walking. We found a map of the park—apparently there is a meditation temple there. Meditating in a meditation temple sounded quite brilliant to us. So we began to head in that direction.

Suddenly without warning Mr. Bryan Perry emerged out of nowhere. My first reaction: upset, annoyed…after all I’d chatted with him during his “lunch break” earlier in the day. Not only that, but he’d sent me pictures from New York from his phone. I’d already said goodbye TWICE. That and I still didn’t think he was proposing. I had no clue my family had distracted me the night before for about 30 minutes while he and my Padre chatted. So why was I upset to see him? Let me explain: I was upset that he hadn’t called me earlier in the day to tell me he’d missed his flight/it was delayed/whatever had happened. We could have been together all morning! Think of the hang out time—wasted! Ha. I got over being upset pretty quickly though...

Sweet Bryan took my hand and we walked over to a blanket and a picnic, gluten free fetuccini alfreddo—my fave—fresca, chocolate, white roses…wait a second... (Sarah disappeared at some point. I’m not really sure when...) Bryan then started saying a lot of sweet things—pretty much that I’m perfect, and lovely, and wonderful, and he wants to marry me—you know the important things. Ok, I  honestly don't remember a thing he said... though I got the general gist: he loves me. Then suddenly he got down on one knee and...

No he did not pull out a ring. Well I guess he sort of did. He started pulling out tons of ring pops! Ha. He kept pulling them out of his pockets saying “where is it…?” Finally he pulled out a ring box and…asked me to marry him! AAAH!

I was SO excited and surprised that I just squealed and hugged him. Then I remembered I hadn’t answered yet so I added in a "YES!" After a few minutes I then insisted he put it (meaning the ring) on me. Ha. It was rather funny. We then spent the rest of the afternoon eating a lovely picnic and simply soaking in the fantastic-ness of being engaged! I mean I had to process this—I thought it was still a month, month and a half away! Ah! I may or may not have even told random strangers passing by that we had just gotten engaged…one of which responded so rudely with “We’re already engaged.” Ok grumpy. Haha. It was hysterical.

SUCH a surprise! It was PERFECT! I wanted to be surprised and I wanted simple. I LOVED IT! I LOVE HIM! Honestly though, I have never felt such peace as I did sitting there with the love of my life, dreaming about forever, in Memory Grove. Everything was perfect. Everything was right. I'm so lucky to be marrying such an amazing man in just a few months! So yes…as of December I will be Mrs. Rachel Perry! Sounds good don’t it! Yay!

And that’s our lovely story!

Oh right. And I took him to the airport that night for the THIRD time—at which point I made him promise that if he came back again we were over. Just joking. And for a third time I may or may not have shed a tear again (geez—the guy sure knows how to play with my emotions).

And that was my magical—emotions all over the place—day.

The end.

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