Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  I mean that: happy. I happily and most respectfully commemorate those who have died in the service of our country. While their loss is of course tragic, I am so grateful for their services.  For that I wish all a Happy Memorial Day as we celebrate their lives, their purpose, and their zeal. I am forever grateful for their sacrifice. In addition to commemorating those who died in the armed forces, Memorial Day also means some of my favorite family traditions.

First: It is tradition in my family to not only commemorate the lives of those who died defending our country, but for all those who have passed on—particularly my brother Johnny. Therefore, each Memorial Day we venture to the Salt Lake Cemetery to decorate his grave.  I love cemeteries on Memorial Day; they are beautiful.  I love seeing the love, families, and respect for those who have gone before us.  And of course I love the flowers. 

This year we brought Johnny beautiful white flowers and pin wheels. I imagine he would prefer a football or something a little more manly—but flowers will have to do for now. We can discuss such things on the other side.

A quick kind of sad (but really comical) story.  We were having a moment with our brother when some of my brother Matt's friends walked by.  As much of we love Matt he was not exactly the focus of our thoughts.  Matt's friends kindly asked, "Hey when have you last heard from your son?"  Still thinking about Johnny our family glanced around at each other rather appalled.  Suddenly the lights turned on and we burst out laughing.  Ha.  Then of course my sweet Pops started making comments on how the last thing we heard from him (Jonathan) was "ooooooooooh"  (like a ghost).  It really was hysterical—perhaps a bit inappropriate—but really funny.  If you're wondering if it's appropriate to laugh: it is.  We were all laughing.  And you know I bet Johnny was probably sitting right there laughing along with us.

Love you Johnny!

Second: The traditional Memorial Day bbq and pool party. Memorial Day indicates the opening of my ZoBell Grandparent’s wonderful pool. It is a joyous occasion. The whole family gathers for food, swimming, laughter, and catching up.

                                                        I heart my extended family!
                                                                                         Party!  Party!  Party!

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