Home For The Summer

For the first time since high school I am home for the summer! Six years! Six! And you know what: It is absolutely wonderful! I am in love with NYC. I really am. But I forever am in love with my Utah home too. To date some (and far from all) of the best parts of being home include:
  •  Real home cooked fabulous gluten free meals (courtesy of my lovely Mother)
  • Outings and chatting with my parents (they give the best advice)
  • Hanging out and laughing with my adorable siblings
  • Attending choir concerts, dance performances, soccer games, soccer games, and more soccer games…
  • The familiar sounds of piano practice
  • Laughing (and of course helping) as everyone rushes around grabbing homework, lunches, notes...scrambling to be on time
  • Watching Daniel Boones and Little House on the Prairies with my amazing older sister Liz
  • NO homework…none! No 300 pages of articles due Wednesday! No 20 page research proposals due in a week! Freedom!
  • Singing at the top of my lungs—window down, music high, all by myself—in a car
  • Seeing my many cousins and grandparents
  • Family birthday parties: streamers, gluten free cake, hideous off pitch singing, and of course laughs
  • My parent’s yard: grass, swing set, grill, the gully and stream, my Mother’s beautiful garden…
  • The outdoors: fresh air, mountains, stars, the moon, lakes, streams, trees…I LOVE the outdoors
  • A piano (and on occasion an empty house) on which I can play my heart out while I sing my guts out
  • Family scripture study (often a comical experience in the Price household) and prayer
  • Numerous free public tennis courts (bring it Pops)
  • My neighbors and ward members! I truly was raised in a remarkable neighborhood with some of the most amazing people
  • Family home evening (We have yet to move to hymns…we’re definitely proud to admit that we are still stuck in the Primary Songbook. Give Said the Little Stream and I Am like a Star Shining Brightly remain favorites!)
  • My sister Liz pointing out the hundreds of deer in our backyard
  • The living room fireplace—perhaps my favorite corner in my house! It is perfect for being social, naps, and curling up to read a good book

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