D.C. Spring Break

I had the most marvelous weekend. You see my wonderful family decided to Spring Break it in D.C. so my good friend, Bryan, and I were lucky enough to join them for the weekend.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Price family trip if everything went perfectly. So naturally, Bryan and I started things off right by nearly missing our bus. Thursday evening Bryan and I left my apartment around 7 to take a bus at 7:30. Don’t worry, although we left with ample time to make the bus we almost didn’t make it. Why? First: subway broke down. Second: took forever to get a cab because everyone else on the subway also needed a cab. Third: The cab driver took the worst possible route to the bus. So as they were just closing the door to the bus we made it. Boarding the bus in laughter we realized there were no longer any seats together. Bryan and I nicely asked if people could move around just a little (after all two people would have to share with Bryan and me so why not share with each other right?). No no…don’t worry we upset everyone. Haha—I was cracking up so bad. Finally we were able to sit together. I then slept the majority of the trip—shocker right?!

1am we arrive. It was raining and cold. I asked Bryan how far we were from the hotel and he informed me we were still about a 25 minute cab ride away. As we walked to “get a cab” he walked us into a hotel to “ask for help”. Yeah—I’m a fool. We were at OUR hotel. It took maybe 2 minutes. Haha.  Hey--in my defense it was late.

Being so late, we all went to bed. Apparently we missed a night full of robe dress up and bed jumping.

The men of the trip—meaning Pops and Bryan—left at 6:30am to wait in line to get Washington Monument tickets for everyone. Around 9:45 we girls (Madre, Shell aka Adam, Sarah, Tina, Steph, and I) joined up with them at the Holocaust Museum. The poor men were freezing from being outside so long—but we were extremely grateful to them.

The Holocaust Museum was a very somber experience. It is still so striking to me that all of this happened just a few decades ago. And I still am in awe that one man could alter the ideologies of so many in such a short amount of time. It is a terrifying thought.

Following the museum we experienced the Washington Monument

PS outside it was sunny but frigid and windy. But still fine. 

And Steph didn't complain cause Bryan kept giving her rides on his shoulder.

So we went to the top.


Went back down.

Loved it all.

Then food. I don’t know how well you know my father. He is a great man. However, when traveling with him it is a known fact to bring snacks or starve. He has this uncanny ability to just go and go and go...and go without stopping for a meal for hours. My little siblings (Michelle in particular) love food. They eat constantly. Therefore when we eat food on vacation it is a VERY BIG deal. I must note, however, that my Father did a fantastic job with eating at normal times this trip. We actually ate 3 meals a day.

Following food we explored The Museum of Natural History (wink—that’s for Sarah and Peek).

This last pic is the couple we caught making out...awkward!

Haha!  Gave us a good laugh.

Anywho...we looked at the dinosaurs, mammals…by the way random side note I was a bit shocked that so many of the exhibits were so gruesome. There were lions killing buffalos, and wild cats killing birds—hello…children!? It was creative I suppose.

After the museum we visited all of the monuments. It was a lovely walk—we saw the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the War Memorials.

The best part was the girls obsession with taking hand holding/PDA pictures.

More food.  Chicago Uno (they have a great gluten free menu).  A wonderful game of Would You Rather to keep us occupied while we waited for our meals. Here's the real question: Superman or Batman?  This is deep.   

Oh Saturday morning. Dear Father heard of a fantastic interactive spy experience at the Spy Museum. So of course we were all spies for an hour and saved a country. Don't worry--we Price girls got your back...oh right...and our Father...and Bryan.  Our Operations Guide was hysterical—she was hard core and rude…because "she was supposed to be". SHE made the experience. We were all walking around with our hands in the gun position—after all we were spies. Suddenly our Operations Guide looked at us with a very serious face and I quote “Um. What are you doing? You look stupid. Those aren’t even real guns.” Haha—we were laughing so hard. Don't worry--we kept our guns. 

Later the little terrors (Adam, Sarah, Tina, and Steph) were dancing up a staircase and under her breath she whispered “stupid girls”. Oh I loved her "character." Brilliant. I was also extremely pleased when sweet Steph asked this Operations Guide why we should even trust her—how did we know she was who she said she was. Brilliant Steph—be a spy!

Then…the spy museum. Fantastic. Guns hidden in lipstick, umbrellas, etc

…why am I NOT a spy? Or am I…?
                     ...Do you really know what I'm doing in "New York"? 
Dun dun dun…

Next…food. We hit up good old McDonalds. Yum.

A little Museum of American Portraits…and a peculiar naked statue which may or may not have caused my little siblings, my Father, and myself to crack up for quite some time.  We are known for our maturity.


Little Shop of Horrors”at the Ford Theater.

For those of you who do not know: it’s about a plant that eats HUMANS! It was THE most comical musical I’ve seen in a while. Naturally the father LOVED it. AND…he had a moral for us after!

There was a brief souvenir shopping excursion—CIA shirts, bobble head Obama, and what not.

Oh--did I mention Michelle found Joe everywhere.  What a stalker...

Next…to the Wax Museum! SO cool. They looked SO real--even the skin. Fam pic with the Obamas,

                              Shell and Brad Pitt

          Me kissin Mr. Johnny Depp,

          Sarah givin Hil Clinton high five!

Tina hangin with Will Smith,

Steph singin with the Jonas Brothers,

...and a lot of other wonderful people. Pretty much we met a whole lot of celebs all in just a few hours!

Then of course…food again. Bryan found a wonderful gluten free restaurant that had a rather lengthy gluten free menu—so many choices! I ate enchiladas. Then we went back to the hotel and Steph went swimming. Bry, Sarah, Tina, and I went down to watch her and put our feet in the water. And yes we all ended up IN the water. Oops.

Sarah and I may or may not have started it by pushing Bry in the agua. Again…oops. Accidents happen.

We then all fell asleep to a movie. Well—first we started watching some movie about “Mr. Fox something rather”—the DUMBEST movie I have ever seen. So then we changed to “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”—a bit better. Sunday morning all but the Father left. Dramatic hugs, "tears", goodbyes...who am I kidding.  We were all so tired it was nothing but a--love ya tons, talk to ya soon, peace.  Then Father, Bry, and I went to Brent Ward’s ward (he’s our former Bishop/Stake President). It was a lovely experience. Then my Father and Brent Ward dropped Bryan and I off at our bus stop. And that was the wonderful D.C. adventure.

So fun!

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